Cast Iron Skillet Peach Pie

Taking advantage of the end of the season and making the best use of the amazing peaches from the farmer’s market. This pie is blissful and the peach Schnapps takes this from mediocrity to a tastebud explosion to remember summer by.


Sensational Summer Salad

Summer can be hot even in California. This salad is refreshing and cool with a fresh summer vegetable and fruit combination that will satisfy your hunger while keeping you cool.


Zoodles, Brussels Sprouts, Arugula and Grilled Shrimp

I just ordered a spiralizer and am completely obsessed with making vegetables into noodles. In this case zucchini noodles a.k.a “zoodles”. Combined with fresh ingredients and a light, lemony, wine, cream sauce makes this dish unique and delicious for summer.


Death by Chocolate Cupcakes

These triple dark chocolate cupcakes are moist and decadent and worth the indulgence with a dark chocolate truffle center to take this cupcake to a whole new level.


Vegged-Out Spaghetti Pie

This is my go to recipe when I need something to feed a lot of hungry people or to create a lot of left overs. With different layers of flavors this is satisfying and filling.


Better Than Chia Pet – Chia-Tapioca

Who knew that those hilarious chia pets of all characters actually were made from the magical edible chia seeds. These little seeds are packed with protein and Omega-3; when they encounter water or any liquid a wonderful gooey membrane forms around the seeds. After being left for 15 minutes in the fridge, a tapioca like substance is created, albeit a healthier version.

Savory Spice Shop - Corona Del Mar

Savory Spice Shop

Savory Spice Shop sells a variety of herbs, spices, blends, salts, extracts, etc. that put the POW into recipes that will have your dinner guests saying WOW