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Savory Spice Shop

Savory Spice Shop sells a variety of herbs, spices, blends, salts, extracts, etc. that put the POW into recipes that will have your dinner guests saying WOW


Top 7 Vegetarian Must Haves

Better Than Bouillon: Vegetable and Mushroom are a staple for vegetarian cooking.  Start out with half a teaspoon versus the recommended full teaspoon to reduce the saltiness to any brown rice, farro, quinoa side dish.  This bouillon also enhances any…


Rust and Bone

What can I say? Foreign Indie films are where its at!  They cover controversial subject matter, are more engrossing than a big budget film, wrought with intrigue from unexpected twists and turns, I enjoy this polar opposite compared to US films of the…

Bad Monkey by Carl Hiassen

2014 Book Recos

I read a lot of books and am often asked for my favorites. This is my ongoing list of books that I have finished and recommend for a good summer read this year. Bad Monkey – Carl Hiaasen If you have…

Wine Til Sold Out

Wine Til Sold Out

Recently moving from Orange County, CA to Las Vegas, NV I was discouraged to find that it was difficult to find good wines at the grocery store and that there weren’t any boutique wine shops that I was used to.…

Books I Read & Can’t Stop Thinking About in 2013

Where’d You Go, Bernadette: A Novel – Maria Semple This has all the elements of a great read including humor, satire, revenge, a virtual assistant in India, cruise to Antarctica, unfaithful husband, crazy neighbors and at the center of the story is a…